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Setting of flowers, stones, and RASHA

In Person
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Rising to a higher spiritual purity.

An elevated quality of excellence, awesomeness, or grandeur that inspires awe. Majestic.


Your light reflected by something. 



This is you.  

A perfect beam of God’s holy light.

Your light inspires or sparks others. It comes from within, inside you. This radiance is your essence, your frequency, or the bandwidth to hold this unconditional love for yourself which then extends to others.   


Is your light hiding under a bushel basket, dimmed, diminished, or overcast by stress, anxiety, stagnation, or layers of personal or generational trauma that prevent your light from shining to its full capacity? 


Do you have a vision or dream to expand?


Would a more consistent platform of peace, harmony, and balance be a gift in your life?


Let’s amplify your Sublime Radiance and look in the mirror again.

A Chat

30 minutes ($36) or 60 minutes ($60)


  • More than a conversation as golden frequency is woven through our face to face exchange.

  • An opportunity to be heard, seen, felt, honored, and witnessed.

  • Renewed clarity, perspective or shift a dream into reality.

An Experience

90 minutes ($144)

Add $36 for RASHA™

Includes free 15-minute consult before your appointment

Choose your healing modality:  

  • LaHo-Chi Energy

  • Resonance Alchemy 

  • Quantum Energy Coaching

  • RASHA™ Scalar Sound Frequency 

Receive summary post-upgrade and support post-experience.

A Trifecta

3 experiences, 120 minutes each ($480)

Includes free 30-minute consult before your appointment


The power of three upgrades generates a quantum leap as the energy around your intention is fueled by momentum. 
The upgrades are energetically organized to first establish a strong foundation, then clear blocks with
supportive integration and recalibration, and finally culminate in a powerful outcome.

Clarify your intention, goal, or dream. Choose your healing modality:  

  • LaHo-Chi Energy

  • Resonance Alchemy


Benefit from a unique combination of modalities, designed specifically for you.

Receive summary post-upgrade and support post-experience.

  • Quantum Energy Coaching

  • RASHA™ Scalar Sound Frequency (one minimum requested)

Seek Sanctuary

Contact for Pricing


Gift yourself (or invite a group of friends) a full immersion into timelessness and perpetual flow as we co-create a peak experience that reflects your vision of Eden and enables you to sink deeply into an inner journey balanced with healing modalities, nature, conversations, laughter, solitude, and integration. Lodging is available in a beautiful, serene space that features a short walk to beach access on the Albemarle Sound, where meditating with sunrises and sunsets, yoga, or resting to the lull of gentle wind and waves or swimming and kayaking are available to enhance your experience.

Everything in this world is made up of energy, including our emotional, mental, and physical bodies.  Energetic imbalances are the root cause of all states of dis-ease and affect emotional stability, mental clarity, and personal growth. Accumulation of energetic blocks quietly manifests into physical signs and symptoms which is the physical body’s only way to get our attention.  All energy healing works within the body’s natural energy system to restore peace, balance, and harmony, which enables self-healing to occur. 


All offerings are available with me physically or remotely through Zoom. For a unique private retreat on- or off-site, a RASHA™ group experience, or business support, please contact me directly.


Click here to schedule a free 15-minute introductory call.

Jenn Falchi, Quantum Energy Healer and Mentor
Healing Modalities
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LaHo-Chi Energy

LaHo-Chi (pronounced lah hoe chee), is a powerful, yet very gentle, high vibrational spiritual hands-on and remote healing modality, also known as the I Ching energy.  It empowers others to align with their natural connection to the Unified Field of Love, utilize this universal life force energy and further develop their subtle multi-dimensional awareness and abilities. Subtle energy healing encourages and enhances the body’s natural ability to effectively heal itself. Both modalities balance and align all levels of the emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual bodies. For more, visit

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Quantum Energy Coaching (QEC)

Quantum Energy Coaching is a healing method created by Dr. Melanie Salmon who is a medical doctor, Gestalt psychotherapist and trauma specialist.  QEC is simple yet effective in healing the deepest trauma or creating the life you desire.  As you share your story freely, a clear theme or issue of priority emerges.  We explore this more deeply together to uncover physical symptoms/conditions, past trauma, internal stress, unresolved emotions and underlying beliefs.  With support, you create statements to release these self-limiting beliefs and unresolved emotions, to forgive and to create new positive desired outcomes.  With a combination of powerful QEC techniques that create a gamma wave state, these statements are installed into the subconscious mind where the brain’s neuroplasticity allows it to ‘rewire’ itself.  For more, visit

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Resonance Alchemy

Resonance Alchemy, is a frequency healing technique founded and developed by Katherine Parker that uses sacred healing syllables from a universal language of spirit. Sets of three to six-syllable phrases, called a Unified Healing Code (UHC) work together to focus on an aspect of healing. There are over 200 and each tell a healing story.  In an upgrade, you will set an intention.  We then assess your healing priorities through testing techniques (pendulum) and tap corresponding points on or just off your body (9 times each) to access the conscious and subconscious.  Through silent repetition (eight times minimum), the syllables create a resonant vibrational field, (similar to a tuning fork), to clear, vitalize, and retune your fields.  This restores balance, coherence and optimal energetic flow. For more, visit

RASHA™ Scalar Sound Frequency

An upgrade begins with your clear intention that is supported by a unique, personalized set of consciousness programs and frequencies chosen specifically for you. This perfect sound protocol organizes the essential information for your next level of healing, growth, and expansion as guided by your highest aspect.  Each person's priorities and rate of elevation are different as capacity, foundation, tools, support, and soul plans vary. One experience builds upon the next to anchor more peace, harmony, balance, healing, and sublime radiance into your being while strengthening your coherence in all energy fields.


In person, you have the option to experience the frequencies on a zero-point sound chair or water table ( This allows you to feel the pure frequencies throughout your entire body, enveloping you in a vibrational haven. For remote experiences, Zoom creates the ideal platform to transmit sound frequencies through headphones (optimal), earbuds, or laptop speakers. Both methods generate the same healing potential as scalar waves move through a quantum energy field where everyone and everything is connected. (This is similar to how you can feel someone in a different location thinking about you; energy is transmitted from one person to another).  Everyone enjoys a deep relaxation state where healing is optimal and there is a golden opportunity to Recalibrate, Rejuvenate, Reclaim your original Divine Blueprint and Remember who you are.


The Conscious Coherence generated through this experience is ideal for couples, groups, or businesses as energetic interference is dissolved, alignment strengthened, communication improved, cooperation and co-creation enhanced and a natural inclination towards a unified vision and harmonious interactions emerge.  Magic in motion. To discuss contact Jenn.


The RASHA is a scalar plasma energy morphogenetic technology that utilizes frequency-generating software. Consciousness-based programs created with Base-12 Eternal code and mathematics generate frequencies that protect, enhance and harmonize the autonomic nervous system (ANS) by relieving stressors, transmuting negative habitual patterns, supporting relaxation, cellular detoxification, brain hemisphere synchronization, emotional/trauma release, systematic chakra alignment, as well as creating a morphogenetic biological immunity to harmful frequencies such as cosmic radiation, G-waves, electrosmog, and geopathic stress.  Scalar morphogenetic energy information in the form of frequency communicates to the DNA in its native language, impacting cells on a quantum infrasound level, allowing for the reprogramming of the morphogenetic fields that surround every cell, organ, and system of the body.
For more, visit


Every experience is unique to the individual; however, when working with Jenn and engaging in the healing
modalities she facilitates, the possibilities for outcomes are endless and powerful. 

Sunset view over dock in North Carolina

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