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In Essence
Jenn Falchi

Jenn Falchi is a gifted luminary, catalyst, and alchemist whose activations and experiences span four continents. Her commitment to decades of self-discovery illuminating, excavating, and loving her own shadow creates a bridge for authentic rapport. With deep wisdom gained in roles as mother, daughter, sister, Peace Corps Volunteer, executive, and spiritual warrior, she is known as an Empoweress who shares keys and codes to unlock innate healing capabilities, expand consciousness, ignite unlimited potential, and elucidate longings deep within one’s soul. She’s a beacon of strength, honesty, and encouragement.

Meet Jenn Falchi, Quantum Energy Healer and Mentor
Jenn Falchi with teachers at Pyramids of Teotihuacan, Mexico
Jenn Falchi at retreat in Teotihuacan, Mexico

Jenn is a trusted companion who guides curious, sincere seekers on a journey through their unexplored inner landscape. It begins with a sacred conversation. With clients as co-authors, she facilitates organic experiences unique to each person’s desired exploration of a body, mind, or spirit aspect. She and the journeyers map the expedition, recalibrate GPS to true north, and inspect baggage to lighten the load. Together they clear energetic highways, tune-up vehicle bodies for efficiency, and create unlimited supplies of quantum fuel. Everyone receives personalized healing tools to support smoother navigation through life. 


Through the perfect combination of frequency medicine, somatic practices, and subconscious work, a client achieves an optimal balance of their nervous system, clears stress, anxiety, and trauma, and anchors more peace, harmony, and balance as blocked energy is shifted with sound and light. Experiences are offered in person or remotely and tailored for couples, groups, and businesses. 


Lights the path.

Shines the light on what is hidden or what is uncomfortable to look at or brings it forth, doing it in such a beautiful way that makes it safe for someone to take a peak. 

Specialized Training & Insight

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When Jenn isn’t swimming in the Albemarle Sound with mermaids, whacking croquet balls across Doodle Hill, or cracking herself up with the divine comedy of life, she’d love to connect with you here: 

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