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Hot air balloons in the sky represent Sublime Radiance offered by Jenn Falchi


Unlock innate healing capabilities, expand consciousness, ignite unlimited potential, and elucidate longings deep within one’s soul.

Look in a mirror.  
What do you see?
How bright do your eyes shine?
Is there a glow emanating from your face?
Water hitting the shore on Jenn Falchi

In Essence.

Jenn is a gifted luminary, catalyst, and alchemist who acts as a trusted companion to guide curious, sincere seekers on a journey through their unexplored inner landscape.

Jenn Falchi, Energy Healer and Mentor
Water lilies float on water

May your soul shine brightly through all you see, feel and do, always.


In Writing

Shaman Heart:
Sacred Rebel

Now an Amazon Bestseller!

Never more than now has it been clearer:
We are a world longing for initiation.

Jenn Falchi, Bytes of Light, Chapter 12
Bytes of Light: Evolving Leadership
for the Spiritual Entrepreneur

Focusing on the feminine and masculine energies we all carry and how to navigate honoring and holding these energies as we find our way home within ourselves.

Jenn Falchi, Shaman Heart: Sacred Rebel, Chapter 12

Click here to purchase a copy

of Shaman Heart: Sacred Rebel.

Click here to purchase a copy of Bytes of Light.

I see you.
Because in you,
I see me.

Jenn has a natural stillness and deep insight that help get to the heart of both challenges and potential. She has the courage to name and walk into difficult issues and the right combination of humor and compassion to help people feel safe even in their most challenging places.

Christi B.

Ocean waves with golden sunlight



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